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Twisted Candy
The name Twisted Candy comes from the irony of how too much of something that we love can end up being harmful.  The collection has been inspired by a quest for balance in life and as a result of this, a recent interest in theories of synchronicity, frequencies and energies.  In looking at imagery created by energy healers and clairvoyants, this season shows a move toward more vibrant colours and meeting of masculine and feminine in these colour combinations.  Silhouettes are somewhat regal in certain pieces yet more simplified in others. A contrast of angles and curves further balance the elements within this collection and there is also a strong emphasis on the meditative repetition of lines in the twisted leather detailing.
In addition to the abstract body pieces that have featured in all previous Úna Burke collections, this collection sees the launch of a range of more simplified yet luxurious day bags in eye-popping, mouth-watering, fruity and refreshing tones. These will feature Úna’s newly designed Monograph Logo, the first of a two part logo launch.  Úna has also collaborated this season with the accomplished Illustrator Spiros Halaris in the design of two intriguingly sumptuous prints for her new collection of large silk twill scarves.  The mix of delicate fluidity and graphic elements in these prints compliments Úna’s signature sculptural leather accessory pieces perfectly, adding a new dimension to her work.

Photography: Lee Whittaker and Niall Kennedy, Styling: Kay Korsh, Hair: Kaz, Make-up: Charlotte Yeomans, Model: Yasmin Salmon @ Premiere

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