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"Where beauty lies in the unexpected"
After her graduate collection has restricted the body in carcass-like shells, Úna now uses her signature construction technique to examine and exaggerate physical distortions and deformations. She plays with the human form through her structural pattern cutting technique, taking the contour of one area of the body and applying it to another. For example, the hip shape has been applied to the upper back in the creation of the hunchback jacket, questioning our preconceived ideas of beauty.Other pieces refer to the military and armour-like sources of protection which were significant in the development of Úna's previous collection, RE.TREAT. This influence can be seen in variations of the high collar, shoulder holster and puffball epaulette. The inclination towards human distortion and disfigurement is the next step in Úna's original concept of trauma; the event, the aftermath and the recovery, which was prevalent in RE.TREAT. This collection is consciously less restrictive and more accessible as the healing continues.

Photography: Diego Indraccolo, Styling: Kay Korsh, Make-up: Gosia B, Model: Sylwia Blaszczyk @ Cosmic Models

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