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The Void Between
Since making a life-sized leather puppet for SHOWstudio in April 2013, I have continued researching human gesture and bodily movement and particularly in the art form of shadow puppetry and its various guises. So for this collection the constructions and forms of her leather Waist Belts, Handbags, Body Accessories and Jewellery have all been inspired by the basic principles of light v’s dark, positive v’s negative, solid v’s translucent, shine v’s matt as so many of these factors come into play when considering the functioning and execution of shadow puppetry.  Lace and mesh-like architectural systems feature heavily in this collection along with three-dimensional overlap detailing and perforated patterns. Lines vary from angular to smooth with solid panels contrasting framed areas and particular attention paid to accentuating and emphasising the incredible contours of the female form.  Colours are rich and luxurious with deep Autumnal hues and warm Winter tones of Blueberry, Merlot, Honey and Tan. Metallics once again make an appearance in this collection with Pewter and Bronze used as highlights and details. Grey and Taupe bring a sense of light to the collection used in simple clutch styles and accessible cuffs.  Silhouettes are relaxed yet body-conscious and as always, traditional leatherworking techniques have been used throughout, achieving signature intricacies of construction and detailing while maintaining a fine luxury quality and finish.

Photography: Madam Peripetie, Styling: Stella Gosteva, Set Design: Andrew McGregor, Make-up: Marina Keri, Model: Alex Rose @ Select

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