Remembrance - The Nude Collection

“This collection is an acknowledgement of the past with a view to moving forward. It is about rebirth, new doors opening and a return to grass roots.

With this being my twelfth season in business, I’ve examined the origins of my work, especially those sculptural pieces from my graduate collection RE.TREAT.  Many of the silhouettes and the colour palette have been informed by these pieces, while key styles from various other past collections have also been deconstructedand reconstructed, creating a sophisticated and elegant overall story.

An acknowledgement of the centenary of Dublin’s “1916 Easter Rising” occuring this year, I have once again used military references as design inspiration, combined with elementsof Irish culture such as the frame-like detailing of Irish Lace.  Taking the outline of various military medals from across the world, I have created negative cut-out patterns for use on handbags, while the positive cut-out shapes have then been appliqued onto armour-like body pieces.  Some of these Military Medal cut-outs have also been wet-moulded and joined to create floral forms, symbolisingthe flourish of our culture since this turning point in Irish history one hundred years ago.


The majority of the collection is made in soft pastel hues of Nude, Rose, Apricot, Camel and Cream, with the presence of one deep tone of Plum, a reminder of the sacrifice of life. The name of this collection has two parts; “Remembrance”, a nod of respect and an appreciation to those lost on that fateful weekend; “The Nude Collection” a glance back to earlier times, simplicity and purity. Both terms are interlinked and have the same end goal.”

Photography: Pascal Heimlicher, Model: Angeline Suppiger, Hair and Make-Up: Fanny Burgos.

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