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"Where negativity and positivity lie side by side"
Prosthetic limbs and medical braces applied to the body can physically enhance the life of the wearer, yet a social and psychological impact takes place in the process. With the prosthetic becoming such a prominent attribute of the wearers physical existence, less attention is often paid to all the other physical attributes and the personality of the individual wearing it. Irony lies in the coexistence of positivity and negativity as the improvement of the physical capability of the wearer ultimately has the potential for social inhibition.  In the research stages of this project Úna was struck by a series images by artist Nicola Lane who is informed by her personal experience of disability, exploring themes of fragmentation and loss and their effect on self-image. One particular image shows a woman with her prosthetic leg exposed yet hiding her face. Interpreting this feeling of discomfort, Úna has created one piece for her collection which masks the face from the eyes down, preserving the identity of the wearer yet simultaneously inhibiting the ability to speak and be heard. Other pieces within the collection support the chest, back, and arms in a restrictive yet remedial fashion.

Digital Photography: Andreas Waldschuetz, Wetplate Photography: Stefan Sappert, Art Direction & Styling: Adia Trischler, Hair: Patrick Glatthaar, Make-up: Steffie Lamm, Photo Assistant: Marlena Koenig, Videography: Volkmar Geiblinger, Digital Imaging: Christian Freidrich, Model: Kamila Baczyk @Look Models Intl

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