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Everything and Nothing

This collection has been inspired by shadow puppetry and the forms, principles and functioning of this gesture based art form. The title ‘Everything and Nothing’ suggests the necessity of contrasting elements in order for either to exist and so the frame-like lace cut-out and arrow construction techniques are based on observations of how shadows would not be possible without light and how light would show nothing without the dense form of the puppet in front of it. The colours in this collection are elegant and mature with neutral tones of mushroom, nude, pale pink, prune, navy and grey. A newness of metallics compliments the more relaxed silhouettes of the season and once again, Burke displays her traditional leatherworking skills through signature intricacies of constructional detailing. Positive and negative spaces are used to create forms which are worn loosely around the body, giving a soft, light and fresh mood to the collection.

Photography: Madam Peripetie, Styling: Stella Gosteva, Set Design: Sara Polonghini, Hair: Jonny Biles, Make-up: Philippe Miletto, Model: Alexia Wight

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