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Duality Dichotomy
As we live in a world of extreme beliefs and actions, this collection is based on various levels of intensity relating to the idea of opposites.  Some situations can involve tolerance while others can be very rigid and intolerant of their contrasting element.  Duality is where two contrasting elements will rely on each other for either to exist, an irony in itself, while Dichotomy is where each can exist independently and never come close to relying on each other.  The colours of the collection refect both extremities and middle grounds, with Black and White styled alongside pink, grey and blood-red tones, while complexities of construction also lie side by side with simplicity of design.  The still-life style shooting of this collection refers back to Úna'a early days of regarding these sculptural forms as wearable art pieces.  This display format allows for an uninterrupted visual exploration of each piece  though many items are positioned to keep the mind focussed on their relation to the body, thus demonstrating their wearability.

Photography: Madam Peripetie, Styling: Stella Gosteva, Set Design: Emily Pugh.

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