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Devotion Under Fire
Inspired by the anniversary of WWI and the many stories of bravery and courage of both the soldiers and the war nurses, this collection explores various features of both the soldiers and the nurses uniforms, resulted in the development of military epaulettes, capes and head pieces. Colours are sombre and reminiscent of these military uniforms however the slight presence of white among the dark tones represents the positive force that was the caring and kindness of the nurses during this trying time.  The name of the collection is taken from the wording used in the awarding of military medals for “bravery and devotion under fire”. In researching this subject many stories were found, of war nurses tending to their sick patients even while they themselves were wounded by bomb shells and surrounded by explosions that were a great threat to their own lives. These stories were so moving that this collection is dedicated to these wonderful womenof incredible strength.

Photography: Elena Pirogova, Styling & Art Direction: Kay Korsh, Set Assistants: Vojtech Mares & Sherry Zhang, Hair & Make-up: Charlotte Yeomans, Photography Assistant: Christopher Butchart, Styling Assistant: Liyin Soh, Model: Ellen @ Profle Models

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