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"Where the soul would be protected and death would be cheated"
Spiritual, symbolic and superstitious burial rituals are one of the defining characteristics of each and every culture and the Ancient Egyptians, through their burial practices, strived for eternal life, removing internal organs yet protecting the heart. Sarcophagus and tomb were decorated with protective symbols as vulture wings, cats and scarab beetles. These aided the soul in its passage to the afterlife and in effect 'death would be cheated'.  As a result of this research Úna has created a collection which contains bodice pieces that protect the heart through forms relating to that of the heart scarab and a human heart shaped hollow vessel to be used as a handbag. Necklines are loosened and skirt shapes are mere frames reflecting how death is fooled. Winged creatures are referenced in the Winged Shoulders, while arm braces, cuffs, neck pieces, and corsets, feature heavily in this collection, created in bright vegetable tanned leathers indicative of this ancient culture.

Photography: Andreas Waldschuetz, Art Direction: Adia Trischler, Hair: Patrick Glatthaar, Make-up: Steffie Lamm, Styling Assistants: Lauren Cooke & Verena Weiss, Photography Assistant: Marlena Koenig, Model: Justine @ Fresh Model Management, Shoes: Fflur Cadwaladr Owen

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