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"Where nightmares of drowning contrast daydreams of floating"
A love hate relationship with the element of water sees Úna using softened lines which meet with conflicting aggressive pointed elements. These fuse to create a collection of sculptural yet fluid body accessories. The irony of this love/hate relationship is equivalent to the life giving and life taking properties of water, an idea which is reflected in the spikey bow belt for example.  
On taking a trip to the National Maritime Museum, Úna was overwhelmed by an astonishingly elaborate gilded barge (commissioned by Prince Frederick in 1732) displayed proudly in the main hall of the museum. Long after leaving, the detailing of this intricately handcrafted vessel constantly drifted into Úna's mind as she created this collection. The opulent tones of Prune, Red, Gold and Green have influenced the rich colours present in this collection, and the repetition of the oars is replicated in the patterns created by her placement of the brass fittings.
This collection has been dedicated to a very special family friend who passed away in San Francisco last January. Kate McGuire was a truly wonderful person who found the light in every darkness and had a strength and positivity beyond belief. Her passing has put a lot of things in perspective and has given me a new sense of calm, helping me overcome my stormy waters, unleashing my creativity. Perhaps my attraction to the royal barge was somehow related to the knowledge that Kate was so proud of her roots which she had traced back to Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine……

Photography: Elena Pirogova, Styling: Kay Korsh, Styling Assistant: Marianna Frannais, Hair & Make-up: Nadine Wilkie, Set Design: Eoin Dillon, Set Assistant: Christopher Butchart, Model: Lina@Profile Models

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